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  • My last ministry trip for this year will take me to MN and WI in late OCT/early NOV.  I plan to debut a new 'Scripture storytelling' selection: In the Beginning: The Foundations of Faith in GenesisIt's a walk through Genesis interspersed with snippets that connect Genesis to doctrinal expressions in the New Testament, all pointing to the foundation and focus of our faith, Christ Jesus.
  • The Gospel of John is available on DVD.  Click here for info I'm still working on meeting my goal of getting one to every congregation throughout the WELS/ELS fellowship.  This involves systematically mailing a DVD to each and every church.  It's quite a time-consuming project, but well worth it as a way to share the Gospel, giving each congregation a ministry tool to assist them in doing the same.





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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV®

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by Biblica, Inc.™

Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.




The Gospel of John DVD

  • Through this verbal and visual proclamation of Scripture, I want you to know that the Word of God is dynamic and dramatic, and that the message of salvation is clear.  From the mystery of the Word made flesh in chapter 1 through the miracle of the Savior's resurrection in chapter 20, my prayer is that you are blessed with "life in His name" (20:31).

  • Click here to view chapter 20.  What you see here is only one 'take', the close-up camera angle.  The DVD switches between three camera angles (close, mid, and wide) to capture the drama and the audience experience.

  • This 2 DVD set is word-for-word, every word from chapters 1-20 of John's Gospel, 132 minutes of the living and life-giving Word.  If you would like a copy, click here for my contact infoThe DVD set is available for $12, or 2 for $20.  If you would like more than 2 copies, to share this with others, then I'll gladly offer a better price.

  • How might this DVD be used?

  • For individuals, it can be a blessing for personal devotion time.  God's people might also find this DVD useful to share with others for evangelism or for encouragement.

  • For congregations, The Gospel of John can be used in worship services and Bible studies, for evangelism and for ministry to the homebound, and in many other ways.

  • In general, this can be a great ministry tool to reach those who would otherwise never or rarely open the Bible, either because of limited literacy or disinterest or because of the notion that God’s Word is too hard to understand.

  • May this DVD serve God's Kingdom in whatever ways He chooses to bless it!




Have you ever wondered what it would be like…


…to see the most pivotal events in history?…

…to hear the most powerful words in the world?…

…to experience the drama and power of the words and works of Jesus?


My goal is to give you a taste of that.  My hope is to draw you into the Bible, God's living and active Word for your salvation, to speak to you like you are in the story, which is nothing less than HIStory.  And so I share with you the eyewitness accounts that show you those events, the ‘ear-witness’ accounts that speak to you those words, and the ‘soul-witness’ accounts that tell of a God so powerful and yet so personal.  In other words, I share with you the Bible, word-for-word, as a storyteller.



What is storytelling?


Let me tell you what storytelling is not.  It's not a recitation.  It's not a presentation.  Those terms sound dry.  And too often we approach the Bible as if it's dry.  But no!, God's Word is living and active, spirit and life, dynamic and dramatic!  Real people, real events, real emotions, and through it all a very real salvation promised, accomplished, and proclaimedfor all, for us, for you!  With this in mind, I memorize and share God's Word, word-for-word (from the NIV®), proclaiming it not as from the page but as from the heart.  It is not spoken as rote memorization but as firsthand knowledge, giving voice to the holy writers and what they saw and heard.  It has a 'present tense' quality to it—an eyewitness speaking as a participant in the great Gospel events, speaking to you as if you also are there in the events and writings of Scripture.  As a storyteller, then, I hope that you won't really notice me.  I want to fade into the background and simply be the voice that proclaims the Master's message.


To give you a better understanding of this, consider the following testimonial and how it focuses not on me the storyteller, but on the message and its impact: "That 'presentation' of the Gospel of John was amazing. He was really able to connect with us and make us feel like we were there and a part of it. When the lights started to dim and he started 'reciting' Holy Week, I closed my eyes for a minute and I could literally see Jesus in Gethsemane, in front of Pilate, and hanging on the cross. That was truly an amazing feeling/sensation I can't describe, and that I've never experienced."


Why storytelling? 


When I first saw word-for-word Word storytelling, the biggest blessing to me was getting to hear and see everything in context.  For a sermon, we usually get a small portion of the text; for a study, maybe a chapter or two; perhaps several chapters for our own personal reading.  But to be able to take in a significant section of the Bible or even a whole Gospel in one sitting, you see even more clearly the big picture of God working out our salvation.


My listeners have expressed that they appreciate the emotion of storytelling.  This aspect of storytelling reminds listeners that these were real people and these events really happened, that these were indeed powerful words and pivotal events which changed lives then…and still do today.


Listeners also say that they like to hear and receive the Word in this different format.  Variety is a blessing.  It’s great that we can receive the Word in sermon and in song, in the Supper and in storytelling.  When people tell me that they appreciate this different format, I love to make this connection: It’s different…yet it is the same, the very same Word of God printed in their Bibles, word-for-word.  I always hope that people walk away from a storytelling excited to pick up their Bibles, hopefully also reading them out loud, reading those words like they were there, reading with the emotion that is there and enjoying to a measure that same different way of receiving the Word of God.



How can this ministry be used?


One great thing about this Word storytelling is that it is very flexible.  It can be used in a worship service within the liturgy, and portions can be shared to fit just about any time demands.  Commonly I am asked to share more of the Word or a presentation on Bible memorization in the Bible study time as well.

Consider using the Word storytellings outside the worship service also.  I greatly encourage this, perhaps with a dessert or potluck fellowship, because this can be used as an invite event for outreach.  That is always my hope with this Word storytelling, not only strengthening the saints with the Word, but reaching the lost.  I am particularly thinking of those who won't come through the church doors for worship, but perhaps for an 'event.'


This is a great ministry to be used in our schools too.  When I started traveling with Word storytelling, I had no concept of how it would be received in the grade school and high school settings.  But since then I've seen even the youngest children captivated by the Word for thirty minutes or even an hour!  And I've had teens tell me they were awed (not by me!) by the Word!  So this ministry can be used for chapel or special assemblies in grade schools and high schools.  It's also been used for college campus ministry.



How can I bring this ministry to my church/school?


I am thrilled to share Scripture storytellings anywhere within the WELS/ELS fellowship or at any public event.  In 2012 I spent about 40 days 'on the road' - I am willing to travel as often as my schedule allows.  Plans for a ministry trip usually start with an invitation to a church or school, and then I fill in as many opportunities around that as I can.


So what do you need to do to bring this word-for-word storytelling of the Word to your church/school/event?  Just ask me, and we'll find a date that works.


There is no fee.  I don’t want this to have any impact on a church’s/school's budget at all.  I depend entirely on the saints' freewill offerings to carry out this ministry - covering travel costs, offsetting the wages I forfeit with the time away from work, and funding projects like The Gospel of John DVD.  The generosity of God’s people has been amazing and encouraging!



The Gospel of John The Word Made Flesh


Why memorize and share The Gospel of John?  Because this is a living and life-giving witness, "written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name" (20:31).  John’s Gospel about Jesus is unique among the Gospels, both in the accounts that it shares and in the words and conversations of Jesus that it brings us into.  This Gospel also abounds in familiar and endearing passages.  To hear those in context makes for an even more enriching time in the Word.  This account is abundant in direct, powerful statements of the Law and unique, beautiful statements of the Gospel.  And it is full of confrontation as time after time the darkness of unbelief and falsehood is exposed in the bright Light of Truth, the words and works of Jesus.  All in all, you can look forward to hearing, seeing, and in some ways experiencing a divine drama with divine power—the power of God’s Word.




The Gospel of Luke Power, Parables, and Passion


Why memorize and share The Gospel of Luke?  "So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught" (1:4).  That was Luke's goal, and so also it is mine in sharing this thorough Gospel.  By the Holy Spirit, Luke wrote the longest and 'fullest' account of Christ, often adding details that the Matthew and Mark accounts don't include.  Distinctive to Luke's report are the details surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, glimpses of Jesus' prayer life, special mentions made of the Holy Spirit and His work, and the prominence and importance of women in Jesus' ministry.  Luke's Gospel seems to draw our attention to Jesus' impact on those He ministered to—great joy accompanied His ministry, from His Gospel message to His gracious miracles.  From the power of Jesus on display in His miracles, to the many parables by which He teaches the nature of the Kingdom of God, to the passion which shows the lengths the Son of God was willing to go "to seek and to save what was lost"—the listener will see that this orderly and detailed account is not dry history but compelling testimony to give us the certainty that Jesus came 'for us and for our salvation.'




Philippians To Live Is Christ and to Die Is Gain


Why memorize and share Philippians?  So that you may "consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus" (3:8).  And that's just one of so, so many key and precious verses in this heartfelt, heavenward outpouring from the Apostle Paul.  The overall testimony of this letter is that nothing compares to the Gospel.  Nothing!  Take it from the imprisoned Paul whose joy in the Gospel could not be chained.  Perhaps we miss the full impact of Paul's words because we in the western world cannot imagine the setting—Paul was jailed for proclaiming Christ Jesus, risen from the dead, the Son of God, the only true God, one with the Father and the Spirit.  Perhaps we easily (or conveniently?) forget that around the world people are being jailed for the name of Christ.  Daily.  People are being tortured for the name of Christ.  Daily.  People are being martyred for the sake of Christ.  Daily.  Oh!, that we might gain a measure of their confidence and joy in Christ to know more fully what it means to say "to live is Christ, and to die is gain" (1:21)!  Oh!, that we might be as learned in the Scriptures as the Apostle Paul and yet declare "I want to know Christ" (3:10)—more!




Jonah Salvation Comes from The LORD


Why memorize and share Jonah? So that you may know that "salvation comes from the LORD" (2:9).  Oh, that's a basic Sunday school fact, and this is a basic Sunday school story, but dig deeper, listen more closely, and hear this account again as if for the first time.  This is much more than a 'big fish story'!  There's a much greater miracle on display here than Jonah being swallowed by and kept alive in a great fish.  It's inside the fish that Jonah proclaims from firsthand, bile-covered experience that "salvation comes from the LORD," but it's what happens after he shakes off the fish vomit that this truth is even more marvelously at work.  Listen carefully and you'll hear the clearest Gospel in the most unlikely setting.  And with a quick-sprouting and soon-withering vine, the LORD has a lesson—not just for Jonah, but for us all.  Will we open our eyes to the precious souls before us?  Will we recognize even our enemies as those who need to be saved?  Will we run away from the LORD's call, or will we look to His salvation to prompt compassion into action for the lost?




Habakkuk Why, O LORD?


Why memorize and share Habakkuk?  The answer might be more obvious with other books of the Bible...but Habakkuk?  God's Word is timeless, and so it is relevant for all ages, and Habakkuk is no exception.  In fact, God's message through Habakkuk the prophet might be more timely than ever!  Have you ever looked at the world scene and asked, 'How long, O LORD?'  Have you ever looked at our society and asked, 'Why do you allow this, O LORD?'  Have you ever looked at your own life and asked, 'Why O LORD?  Why the troubles, hardships, frustrations?  Why?'  Some of the answers the LORD gives challenged Habakkuk then and challenge us now, but ultimately they lead to trust and comfort in His sovereignty exercised in perfect timing and wisdom and grace.  Through this dialogue between God and man we learn to say and pray, "I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD; renew them in our day" (3:2).  In spite of life's whys and difficulties and unanswered questions, we learn to say, "I will be joyful in God my Savior; the Sovereign LORD is my strength" (3:18,19).




Parables of Jesus Consider Carefully How You Listen


The 'earthly story with a heavenly meaning' storytelling of Jesus gets right to the heart of the matter as He reveals the importance of spiritual priority, the need to keep watch for the Great Day, and the nature of grace and faith.  The parables begin with the classic 'Sower and the Seed' teaching that comes with the solemn call to "consider carefully how you listen" (Luke 8:18).  We must ask ourselves: What soil/seed relationship describes our receptiveness to the Word of God?  The 'Parables of Priority' teach us to value our relationship with the LORD more than earthly affairs.  Will we truly treasure the Gospel as the pearl of great value?  The 'Parables of The Judgment' are meant to prepare us for Christ's second coming.  Will we be wise and keep eager and vigilant watch for our great Bridegroom and King?  The 'Parables of Grace' show us Jesus' love for the lost and the angels' joy in a sinner's repentance.  Will we realize that we have been forgiven much and therefore love much?  This three-part storytelling of parables is set into a liturgy complete with a responsive reading, confession and absolution, and hymns.




Here I Stand Defining Moments When the Gospel was at Stake


'I am bound by the Scriptures...my conscience is captive to the Word of God...Here I stand.  I can do no other.'  So said Martin Luther when he was asked to recant his teachings—and ultimately not his, but God's Gospel.  So rather than put the Gospel at stake by allowing it to again be shrouded by the traditions of man, he instead put his life at stake.  But he wasn't the first to do so; no!, not at all!  The 'Defining Moments' storytelling highlights a few of those pivotal accounts in the early church.  First we watch and listen as two "unschooled, ordinary men" (notable only for having spent time with Jesus, Acts 4:13) heal a cripple in the name of Jesus and proclaim forgiveness, new life, and resurrection in His name.  The religious authorities threaten them to stop, and what do they do?—they gather with their fellow saints and pray to speak God's Word with boldness!  This is a prayer the Lord gladly answers; are we brave enough to pray as such in our day?  The threats continue and are backed up with flogging.  Yet "they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ" (Acts 5:42).  A man named Saul becomes the centerpiece of another defining moment.  And the fruit of Jesus' work in him leads to a key writing to a young church in Galatia thrown into confusion by false teachers who added religious requirements to faith-alone forgiveness.  With the Gospel at stake, the apostle clearly states that "if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing" (Galatians 2:21).  This three-part storytelling is set into a liturgy complete with a responsive reading, confession and absolution, and hymns.  Think beyond Reformation—'Here I Stand' is suitable for any time of year!




Upcoming Dates









I am lining up opportunities to serve

in MN and WI from

WED 10/29 through SUN 11/2.






Looking Ahead...


ANY TIME! Let me know how and when I can serve your church, school, conference, convention, retreat, etc.  Contact me and we'll find a date that works.  I'm eager to share God's Word!



Who am I?


My name is Daniel Dexter,

and I would consider it a great privilege to share God's Word with you!



On April 20, 1975, just eight days old, I was baptized into God's kingdom at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI.  I am so very thankful for all that my parents did to provide me with Christian education beginning with those early years at St. Mark.  In 1986 we moved down to Appleton, WI, where I was blessed to continue my upbringing in the Word at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School, being then confirmed on March 19, 1989.  I then attended Fox Valley Lutheran High School and graduated in 1993.


It has been an interesting journey since then.  I spent a semester at the old Northwestern College in 1994, but I was drawn to dabble in Christian music, so I left after just a semester.  This website isn't about a Christian music ministry, so no, that didn't pan out.  In 1997 I went to Martin Luther College, but due to health problems, that only lasted a semester as well.  In between those college stints, I got into the field of aviation weather, which is ultimately what the Lord used to bring me to where I am now, El Paso, TX.


This isn't what I was expecting.  I wanted to serve the Lord, and I thought the best way I could do that was by becoming a pastor.  That was my thought even when I moved to El Paso in November of 1998.  So the plan was to save money and go back to Martin Luther College.  But as I continued to grow in the Word and serve at Christ our Redeemer Lutheran Church here in El Paso, I realized that He was giving me quite a ministry niche.  Pastor Dan Baumler has been a great blessing to me, as has my whole church family here in El Paso.  And there are no shortage of ministry opportunities for me at Christ our Redeemer, such as serving as an elder, youth leader/teacher, even cleaning the church.  It is my privilege to serve in any way I can in response to the great Gospel message of certain salvation in Christ!  To enhance that service, I began taking Staff Ministry certification classes through Martin Luther College in 2007.  In 2013, Christ Our Redeemer called me as a part-time staff minister in the areas of youth ministry, worship, and outreach.


I learned of word-for-word Word of God storytelling in 2005.  A man named Max McLean has been doing this since 1983, and I had a chance to see him share the Gospel of Mark.  I was drawn into the Gospel account, I noticed things I never had before, and I saw the story of salvation more clearly than ever in its full context.  Since I was teaching a Bible study on John at the time, I was excited to apply myself to memorizing the awesome text and sharing it in a similar style to what I had seen.  On January 20, 2006, I shared the word-for-word Gospel of John with a small group at my church.  It was well-received, and I've been at it ever since then.  As of September 2014, it has been my privilege to have had more than 200 opportunities to share the Word, word-for-word, in various WELS congregations and schools.  I look forward to many other opportunities to share the words of eternal life!




           CONTACT ME


Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. 


Email: word4wordGospel@aol.com


Phone: h: (915) 778-0783

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